If you are interested in having me co-author or ghostwrite your memoir or self-help book, you can find more information here: https://www.gailharrisauthor.com/services/. Or email me at: gail@gailharrisauthor.com.

Intuitive Coaching for your writing project

Using my unique lens described herein, I provide Manuscript Evaluations and coaching to help writers discover the essence of their non-fiction book and how to develop it. Each writing project is unique and requires different kinds of thought processes and strategies. Authors bring out the best in their memoir, self-help or other non-fiction manuscript by exploring the following:


  • How to intuit your concept and story
  • How to dig deep for the richest story by asking yourself the right questions
  • How to intuit the story’s structure, order, coherency and Table to Contents (TOC)

Self-help or other:

  • How to intuit your book’s concept
  • How to execute the concept
  • How to evaluate TOC, pacing, tone, point of view, and flow.
  • Whatever else is needed by the author



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