“Thank you for following your intuition and asking me the one question I needed to answer in my soul. My eyes, heart, and chakras are open and I am moving forward, following my intuition, at the speed of light. If you are called to write another book, I have a story.” Candi Katchmar, Ohio.

“Working with Gail has given me a deeper insight into who I am and why am here by becoming more aware of my connection to the cosmos, how I co-create my reality and how to have greater awareness of my intuition and personal power. She gives me exercises to slow down and recognize the magic that is happening in my life, such as deeply appreciating my new born daughter, the harmony in the creation of my family and the growth of my coaching practice in unexpected ways. Because of working with Gail I can see the wonderful manifestations of my greater awareness in my life. My business is growing effortlessly and I am accomplishing more, while doing less. There is more space in my life for the things that my heart truly wants, like spending more time with my family, taking better care of myself and enjoying being a new mother, while serving the world with my gifts. ” Clara Angelina Diaz, Boston, MA

“I am the founder of women’s empowerment organization and my vision and dream is to build communities. When i began working with Gail, my organization was losing members and I was concerned about its future. I was struggling to get leaders to enroll new people and expand participation in events. But this time, Instead of dong my usual “external push”, I trusted my intuition. I let the numbers go, and began really connecting with my leadership team and event guests. Things turned around dramatically, Our membership once again growing and thriving, and I am feeling fulfilled again by being aligned with my purpose and living my dream.” Nancy Cantor, Ashland MA

“Working with Gail has confirmed my desire to let my intuition guide me when it comes to how I live.  I have always been aware of an inner knowing and how life itself always sends us messages and signs when something is really for us. I work for a large high-tech company and was offered a different position within the company. The company had a pay freeze going on, so there would no promotion or pay raise. I believed the new position would open new doors. Yet, I felt it would be a stretch and that I didn’t have the necessary skill set to succeed. Because of Gail’s guidance, instead of giving into my fear I trusted myself and took position. Low and behold, a few weeks later I got a pay raise. Gail and I discussed how believing in ourselves changes things in astounding ways.  Gail is a master at understanding how to simply help others to tap into their own intuition and trust what it is trying to tell them.  Learning to trust yourself can completely transform your life.” Heidi Boone, Tewksbury, MA”

When I started my sessions with Gail it was perfect timing. It was the end of the year and at a time when I was contemplating my next steps — professionally and personally. Gail helped me to dive deep within and explore my priorities in life and to trust the answers that were in my heart but I was too afraid to act on. Within a couple months, I made a huge and courageous decision to follow my heart and pursue my passion full time. I folded a business that was struggling, and am now full time in the media world with my own weekly TV show; an opportunity I had been procrastinating on for 6 months prior! I’m also actively working on my speaking career and my first published work. I am so excited to be living my dreams! Taking proper action is usually the missing ingredient in our lives, and I am eternally grateful to Gail for the work we’ve done together.  Christine L Bowen, Baltimore, MD

“Being in touch with my intuition has always been very important to me, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to work with Gail Harris. It was wonderful to experience her wisdom and encouragement. Gail is a kind, compassionate, attentive, gentle soul who thoughtfully guides the beautiful process of exploring your own inner knowing.”I thoroughly appreciated Gail’s thoughts and techniques. The coaching I received allowed me to more fully realize my true heart’s desires. I feel honored to have been able to embark on this journey with Gail. This is a great process to bring your deepest wishes and wisdom fully into your conscious awareness.” Sandy Edwards, Worcester, MA

“I’ve had a dream of writing a book for many years, and this is when I’m making it happen. I’ve been accumulating my content for years. I had my book outline, a general idea of what I was in for, and then I got reality stuck. Gail helped me to gain clarity, focus, and direction.  She is my book writing savior. Because of her, I now know the next step I must take.” Nicole Levac, Ottawa, Canada

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