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Divine Practicality is a conversation about Divine Love and how to express it in everyday life in a way that couldn’t be more practical: choice by choice by choice. I discuss a way of making decisions that helps us circumvent the fears and knee-jerk reactions by showing us who we are in relation to the cosmos. This is our Araté, the Greek word for the highest expression of ourselves and our life. It is an awareness that changes our modus operandi and allows remarkable things to happen. We’ll look at the answers to the ultimate life questions: Who am I, Where am I, Why am I here, and what am I to do? And see how acting on the answers opens us to Divine Love—our intuition guiding us each step of the way. You can think of the answers as tentative hypotheses to be tested, allowing you to prove to yourself that divine wisdom can be trusted. What could be more practical than that?

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