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This inquiry isn’t for everyone. The focus of our work together will be very specific and very different from what you might receive elsewhere. The Program you will embark upon with me as your guide contains six broad lessons you’ll engage in at your own pace and which will be tailored specifically for you. This program isn’t focused on results and accomplishments in the ordinary sense—for example, completing massive to-do lists, achieving goals more quickly, or mastering accountability. It gets to the core of who you are.

Why an Intuition Practice?

You will learn to follow your intuition as a path to self-fulfillment by developing an Intuition Practice you can use the rest of your life. Developing your Intuition Practice will accomplish three things. First, it will give you a structure for learning how to distinguish your intuition from your thoughts and emotions and those knee-jerk reactions we all have. Second, it will support you to follow your intuition—to actually act on it, because just recognizing it isn’t enough. Third, it will help you to realize, if you don’t already, that your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Universe are part of each other.

Divine Practicality will be the core of your Intuition Practice. The Framework provides the answers to four life questions that you’ll explore as we work together. By embracing what you learn, you’ll see how trusting your intuition—which is the same as trusting yourself—allows you to gracefully handle whatever life sends your way, and makes your life richer, fuller, and more loving than you ever thought possible.

The Curriculum, in its entirety, can take several months to complete. However, I am happy to tailor the program to make it fit your particular needs and budget

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