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With Divine Practicality, you’ll embrace a new kind of knowing. A new mode of decision making with new criteria: with each choice you make you will learn to trust divine wisdom, and your life path, as it unfolds. Yet, the Practice couldn’t be more practical. It is a skill you must learn and then practice like you would any art, skill, sport, or craft. By making Divine Practicality your way of life or modus operandi you will prove to yourself that:

  • there is a principled orderliness governing the Cosmos you can trust.
  • the Practice allows this Principle to open and reveal the awesome process that is your life.

My role as teacher and coach

This Program is different than any other coaching program you may have taken. You drive this experience. You are in charge of your process and take it where you want it to go. I am not here to hold your hand or hold you accountable. If you are looking for this kind of support, look elsewhere. In fact, I am not here to persuade you of anything. Even if you wanted to believe this material with all your heart, trust and self-awareness are things you have to discover and experience for yourself. Your passion to know who you really are will be all you need. I will be there to guide you.

The Program can take several months to complete. However, I am happy to tailor the program to make it fit your particular needs and budget.

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