Gail is a long-time practitioner of this powerful work and an award-winning author on the topic.

Through her own journey of learning to trust her intuition—which began by fighting it tooth and nail—Gail realized that she wanted to share what she’s learned with others. Her journey has led her to the Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health, where she studied yoga and meditation. Shortly after, she wrote Your Heart Knows the Answer, a guide for following your intuition.

Later, when studying with her teacher, George Jaidar, author of Soul: An Owner’s Manual, her intuition practice reached new depths, becoming the foundation of her life, her writing, and her coaoching practice. She calls her coaching work “deep and meaningful,” because when guiding people to trust their inner wisdom, she most certainly has to trust her own.

Gail was a finalist for an IPNE Book Award for co-writing the memoir Finding Zoe. She is a Featured Contributor for several mom and self-discovery websites, founder of the White Bread Wisdom® Blog, and has been interviewed on the radio. Yet, the job where she uses her intuition most is being the mother to her teenage son.


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