Divine Practicality

  • You are a good person, unique, and special, and are not an iteration of anybody else. And, you are part of something greater than yourself, from which you find your true power.
  • You live in a good world, despite the difficult things that happen. In other words, there is an order to this crazy life, and a good order, even if we can't always understand it.
  • You are here to let your unique divine plan unfold. By embracing your true power, your life will be full beyond measure.
  • Your true power is revealed by following the divine guidance you receive.
  • You long to make following divine guidance a priority in your life--and to know how.

Do you trust divine guidance?

With so much focus, these days, on things that are external to our selves: tech, business, networking and success, I’m redirecting the conversation back to you and your connection with Spirit or the Divine. Consider this: Have you achieved the success you wanted, but still feel like there’s something missing? Has religion disappointed you, yet you know there’s more to life than what you can see, touch, or feel? Does contentment always seem to be just outside your reach? Do you have “surviving” down so well that you’ve left no room for the unknown to work it’s magic?

Put differently: Do you believe that you’re guided in life by something greater than yourself that has your best interest at heart? And that following this guidance will reveal the fullest expression of yourself—and a life worth living? Not a life that others want for you, but one your soul knows belongs to you? Then Divine Practicality may be for you.

What is Divine Practicality?

Divine Practicality is a new way of making decisions. It’s a way of life, really, or a new Practice that assures us that the choices we make are aligned with the highest expression of our life and who we really are. Its framework is based on the answers to the four ultimate life questions: Who am I; Where am I; Why am I here; and What must I do that are reflected in the box at the right. They’re the tentative hypotheses you’ll explore as we work together, so you can see how they’re true for you. By making decisions in this new way, who we are beneath the roles and labels we identify with are revealed to us, along with the power we are heir to because of our new awareness.

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Trusting Your Intuition with Gail Harris


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